How does your pet feel on the Fourth of July?


WEST MONROE, La (07/03/190–Fireworks can be fun to watch and launch, but for pets, this can sound like an explosion that leaves them scared and confused. Animal control services see a thirty percent increase in lost pets from July fourth to the sixth. More than any other time of the year.

The fourth of July is a time for celebration and fun, however, remember your pet doesn’t know what’s going on. Loud bangs can make them feel scared and shaken up. A local veterinarian was able to give us a few tips to keep your pets safe on the fourth.

“Use leashes, use kennels, make sure that if you have fenced in areas that it’s secure,” said Keri Cataldo-Rogers, Veterinarian at Lindsay Veterinary Clinic.

As people are walking in and out of the house, this could give an escape plan to those fellas. You can fight those odds by keeping animals locked in a confined small space such a kennel or crate. Even if your pets are comfortable with being outside, put them on a leash or harness.

“They like to run away, they like to dig out of fences, climb over fences, things like that. So we recommend keeping them in a secure spot,” said Cataldo-Rogers.

You also can try to drown out the noise from the fireworks.
“If they can hear the fire works, sometimes if you leave the T.V. Or radio on, that will help to calm them down,” said Cataldo-Rogers.

In addition, it’s important to make sure your animal is wearing a collar and updated tags or chip

“Another good thing to do is take a current picture of your animal head on so that you can identify it after,” Cataldo-Rogers.

Animals available for adoption at the shelter might have to pay the price if your pet is picked up.

“It’s very concerning, especially with the shelters being so full, we really want to make sure people have their animals protected,” said Cataldo-Rogers.

According to a lost pet recovery system, 30 to 60 percent of lost pets are put down because they cannot be properly identified or returned to their owners. Remember dogs and cats are not the only pets that can be afraid of fireworks- birds-rabbits-horses- and many others may struggle with the noise as well.

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