HOLIDAY SHOPPING: Locals brave the crowds on Black Friday


MONROE, LA (11/28/19)– It’s a day families and parents look forward to as they wait and fight for the best deals of the year. With Thanksgiving under everyone’s belts and Christmas in less than a month, Black Friday becomes a holiday in itself.

“I think there’s going to be a ton of people. We were here last year and we were wrapped around the corner,” said Laney Goodwin, Black Friday Shopper.

“Normally I’m standing here just about every year either number one or number three. I’m out here to shop for my nieces and my nephew and I’m just looking for a bargain,” said Eva Ashton, Black Friday Shopper.

While some are just along for the ride….. “I have no idea, we just come to watch people,” said Barbara Whittington, Black Friday Shopper.

Others have a game plan to make sure they get everything they need.

“Well, I’m a solo operation today. I don’t have any friends with me, they are all out of town. So I made my list of all the different stores because they all open at different times and there is a strategy behind this,” said Leslye Barnes, Black Friday Shoppers.

“I’m most likely just gonna go to the toy section,” said Paetynn Boone, Black Friday Shopper.

Some families say making Black Friday is a tradition they love.

“We’ve done this for about 3 years. This is our third year and we just have a good time and just enjoy it,” Said Brooke Coates, Black Friday Shopper.

Over the past couple of years, Black Friday has turned into Black Thursday. Multiple stores are opening up Thanksgiving night instead of waiting until the early hours of Friday morning.

“Me and my boyfriend wanted matching pajamas. We got these cute pj’s. I absolutely love them… and we got shirts that have gingerbreads on them,” said Vivian Garvan, Black Friday Shopper.

I’m with some shoppers who have not slowed down, tell me what yall have so far. “We have some frozen stuff, some blankets, some cookware, and bedtime stories.”

Black Friday….A shopping tradition that looks to be around for years to come.

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