Hit hard by the events of 2020, local businesses fight shortages to keep goods in stock


MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD)– One Monroe business has been in the community for over 60 years and the other just opened in March. However, they both have been affected by the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a shortage of many things across the country, including our local furniture and appliance stores.

“We’ve had a lot of shortages on appliances and we’ve really struggled here for the past few months,” said Steve Kindricks, Daniel Appliance and Furniture.

Daniel Appliance and Furniture say they have 3 trucks on back orders full of appliances. Most of those orders being refrigerators and freezers. This is due to having parts from overseas sent to the US and then the assembly lines closing down.

“They had to phase back at the assembly plants and they distanced the workers at the plants. When they started assembling stuff, if someone tested positive they would close that assembly line down,” said Kindricks.

The furniture business has also taken a hit. Parish Home Furniture in Monroe started its business in March, just as the pandemic started. Delivering home goods has slowed down, but they’ve managed a way around it.

“We have over 20 warehouses and some of them are close enough, so we will actually go and get it instead of depending on the warehouse with everything slowing down. We will go get it for them so we can go deliver it on time. You know, try to keep up a little bit,” said BJ Bell, General Manager of Parish Home Furniture.

Despite the shortages, both local stores are making sure local residents have everything they need after the pandemic, hurricane Laura, and Delta.

“Sales have been up due to the disasters, unfortunately, also, because of the coronavirus too. I guess peoples were at home a lot, people were ready to redecorate,” said Bell.

“With these two storms, people really need appliances, I mean they need freezers and everything. With this shortage right now, it’s been pretty tough, but we’ve been able to pretty much keep up with everything. We have places we have bought other appliances for,” said Kindricks.

Both stores say their customers have been understanding throughout this process. In addition, they hope the shortage will end soon.

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