WEST MONROE, La. — March is International Women’s Month, and to celebrate, we will be sharing the stories of remarkable women throughout the Arklamiss.

“We give people independence,” said Chris Mayfield, the owner of Fast Serv Medical.

Giving people the independence and hope they yearn for when they get to the office at Fast Serv Medical. That’s what Chris Mayfield does every single day.

“We work with people with disabilities, mobility issues, and it’s very rewarding work,” said Mayfield.

While they help in a variety of areas, there is a major category they aid in.

Mayfield said, “One of the things we do that is exceptionally important is driving modifications for people. We can have a C5 Quadriplegic who’s wheelchair-bound set up for driving a vehicle.”

Mayfield says driving a vehicle or giving mobility help to those in need is just the beginning on why she loves what she does.

“When you see someone who feels homebound and then you give them freedom — that smile on their face is just such a reward,” said Mayfield.

But Mayfield isn’t just the owner of Fast Serv Medical.

“I was on the Twin Cities Mayor Committee on Disabilities for about 25 years,” said Mayfield. “We would have an annual awards dinner and we’d raise money to offer scholarships to students with disabilities.”

When she’s not at the office or helping around the community, Mayfield is at home with her family.

“We now have 22 grandchildren from those six children so it’s a very full life,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield says having a large family was a big benefit when learning how to organize and run a business like Fast Serv Medical.

“When you’re managing a household that size, plus I was working. It’s very challenging,” said Mayfield. “So from that aspect, it was helpful and from dealing with different personalities.”

She says her business is critical to helping those with disabilities or mobility because equipment isn’t always accessible if someone needs help right away.

“So we understand that getting them up and running is extremely important so we try to be a quick as we can. Try to be as fast serve as possible,” said Mayfield.