WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — All month long we’ve been highlighting remarkable women in the ArkLaMiss. It’s a chance to honor the women who make our world a better place. In December we asked for your nominations for women who go above and beyond.

Of those submissions we chose four nominees and then selected a winner. KARD’s Kyla Scott sat down with this year’s winner, Angela Hamby.

“I’m just passionate about taking care of my patients and my family. It’s just me. That’s just who I am. I’m a caretaker,” says Angela Hamby, Remarkable Women Finalist.

Let’s meet this year’s Remarkable Women Finalist, Angela Hamby, a Family Nurse Practitioner who owns and operates Forsythe Family Medical Clinic in Monroe. The friend and nurse who nominated her says Hamby always had a special gift for loving and caring for people.

Hamby says of her friend and nomination, “It’s just an honor, and my nurse, I ought to be writing that about her. It’s just unbelievable. The words, they just don’t seem like they’re enough to describe how I truly feel.”

Angela says she remembers trying to treat her siblings injuries, despite being the youngest and the only girl.

“Boys are rough and so they’d get hurt and I’d you know…over there and I’d tend to them and they’d call me mother hen,” says Hamby.

That desire to help initially inspired Hamby to want to work in Law Enforcement.

“I wanted to be an FBI agent. My grandpa was an FBI agent and I was fascinated with it,” says Hamby.

But, after talking it over with him, she changed her mind.

“He said it’s not a field I would like you to go into. If you want to, he’d encourage me you know?,” says Hamby. “And so we decided on healthcare.”

After graduating from nursing school Hamby spent the next two decades of her life helping bring new lives into the world.

“I was at E.A. Conway for right at 20 years, I was in labor and delivery, it was my passion, I loved it,” says Hamby.

After helping so many women become mothers, Hamby became a mother herself, something she says shifted her priorities.

Hamby says, “It’s just so fulfilling and you want to do and be with them as much as possible. So, I thought what could I do to be able to do that and I thought maybe Nurse Practitioner, so I went back to school.”

Now, a full-time mom, nurse practitioner, and business owner, Hamby also volunteers with numerous sports programs in Ouachita Parish.

“ULM Football has been a part of my life for many, many years,” says Hamby. “…They approached me because they needed someone to start IV’s…and you know, I worked in the hospital for so long and it’s second nature there, and I was like, oh sure, and I love football so I thought this is a win-win.”

The partnership grew into something more like an extended family.

“Just seeing how the boys react to you. They’re hurting, they need you. And I come in, I’m loving on them just like a momma. Originally, I was Ms. Ang or Ms. Angela, and now I’m Momma Ang,” says Hamby.

When it comes to juggling family, career, and volunteering, Hamby shares how she accomplishes it all.

With a sigh Hamby replied, “Prayer.”

Hamby continued, “Time management. I’ve gotten into a routine. I’ve been doing it for so long it’s just kind of second nature. So you just have to kind of schedule and pray that you stay healthy and have the energy to finish it out.”

Even with the added challenge of the pandemic, Hamby says it only motivates her stay on the front lines.

“The pandemic is exhausting, absolutely grueling exhausting, I’ve lost loved ones, I’ve lost patients, but also I have never wanted to stop. I have never closed my doors, one day,” says Hamby.