MONROE, LA. (KTVE/KARD) — The Northeast Louisiana Delta African American Heritage Museum is hosting three events this month as their tribute to black America during Black History Month. The first of those three events is the Black Inventors Museum which starts February 6, 2023.

Dr. Umar Bey will lead the Black Inventors Traveling museum by showing over 75 examples of black inventions and the stories of their inventors. This exhibit will last from February 6-11, 2023.

The other events include “The Quilted History”, which will tell the history of the Underground Railroad and other devices from that era, and “Free Press Hall of Fame”, which will use front page stories spanning over 50 years to show the life of black Americans in the area. The Quilted History will be open from February 13-18, 2023 and the Free Press Hall of Fame will be open from February 20-25. 2023.