Herons on the Bayou releases digital map to practice social distancing while having fun


OUACHITA PARISH, La (03/24/20) — 36 artists painted heron statues across the twin cities. “All 51 are handpainted. The bodies of them are fiberglass, the legs are metal. The legs were made here and the bodies were made up in Nebraska,” said Brooke Foy, Creator of Herons on the Bayou.

A few weeks ago, the map had just been sent out for printing, but with the lifestyle change of staying at home, the creators of herons on the bayou came up with an idea to keep the whole family safe while getting out of the house.

“We were like man let’s go ahead and release it online and then people can get in their cars and go have fun with their families. You don’t have to talk to anybody, you don’t have to engage with anybody, you don’t have to get out of the car at all,” said Foy.

If you successfully find all the herons on the bayou, it’ll take you to places like Parish, Antique Alley, and Duck Commander.

Foy also says this could be a learning experience for the kids at home as it teaches them how to follow directions. “I can try to teach my kid like okay we’re on this street and we’re gonna turn on this street and there’s the heron and there’s you know–It gives them points of location which is kind of cool,” said Foy.

Whether you’re walking with some distance, or driving in your car, it’s a perfect way to get out with the family while practicing social distancing.

And if you’re worried about being outside for an extended period of time, adding a heron stop on the way to the grocery store is an easy way to add some fun to the drive. You can find a link to the map here.

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