Here are some safety tips to keep your pets safe from tick borne illnesses


WEST MONROE, La (7/18/19) – Doctors say tick borne illnesses are very common, they spread around different parts of the country each year.

Vets advise pet owners to take proper safety precautions if you notice a tick on you or your furry friend.

“Out where we are in rural West Monroe they’re usually pretty bad, especially deer ticks and things like that,” said Brandon Brown, dog owner

Doctors say tick borne illnesses are currently on the rise. The reason you should worry about is the diseases are many and can impact both you and your pet.

“Locally we kind of see Lyme disease, artlickya, and rocky mountain spotted fever is probably the three most common,” Dr. Clark Cooper, the owner of Cooper Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Clark Cooper says it only takes one tick bite to begin releasing bacteria and spreading disease.

“We’ll have a dog come in sick or a cat and they’ll be running a fever, or sometimes they won’t gain weight, Cooper added. A lot of them are hunting dogs and are exposed to ticks constantly.”

The same also applies to indoor pets. “Some people have inside dogs that aren’t really exposed to ticks and they don’t think much about it. The dog seems to not be feeling well, they come in, we test them and sure enough, they were out in the yard picked up a tick,” said Cooper.

If left untreated, vets say your pet could suffer. “It affects the body organs and the joints. mostly we’ll see a dog come in limping, not feeling good and it triggers us to test them,” said Cooper.

There are preventative medicines you can give your animal to keep them safe from ticks, and treatments for many of the diseases caused by tick bites. Dr. Cooper says to stay vigilant.

“Usually check before and after each walk and thing like that make sure that if there are any on you pull them off immediately,” Brown said.

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