Here are a few seat belt safety tips to keep you safe while traveling


MONROE, La (7/22/19) – Two lives were lost this weekend after a couple of car accidents, one in Lincoln Parish and one in West Monroe. State Police say the victims weren’t wearing their buckle up.

“It takes 3 to 5 seconds to put your seat belt on, and it can save your life,” said Michael Reichardt, Public Information Officer for State Police Troop F.

This weekend two deadly crashes happened, one in the early morning and one in broad daylight.

State Police say both caused by running off the side off the road and hitting a ditch. Two people not wearing seat belts and both pronounced dead at the scene.

“We worked 24 fatal crashes this year in our 29 parishes that we cover 29 people have died and about 38 to 42 percent of those crashes were people that were unrestrained. Having your seat belt on is a very good chance that you’re not going to get seriously injured or die in a crash, regardless of how bad the crash is,” Michael added.

Trooper Michael Reichardt says in about 30 percent of the fatal crashes they work, someone was not wearing their seatbelt.

“Its always about the same about 35 to 40 percent of the creates we work every year are people that were unrestrained and that die.”

Troopers say they write tickets for unbelted drivers every day, starting with $50 dollars for your first offense.

“Don’t think about it as a ticket or as a $50 dollar fine. and I tell a lot of people you know if you’re involved in a crash and you don’t have your seat belt on and you die,
it’s not going to matter to you because your dead, it’s going to matter to your loved ones and the people you leave here.”

For those who might forget to buckle up before traveling, here is a tip for you.

“Anything that you can remind yourself of your seat belt. It could be a number of different things depending on what reminds you of something.

You can also check your local DMV for safety stickers that serve as reminders to remind you to buckle up.

“They make stickers they do all kinds of stuff for your car, every month for people to put their seat belts on.”

State Police also advise all parents to be aware of the new seat restraint laws for children that go into effect August 1st.

For more information on the new car-seat laws click here:

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