Granny’s Soup Kitchen reopens after COVID-19 closure, Easter Tornado


MONROE, LA (06/01/20) Granny’s Soup Kitchen is beginning to reopen their doors after not being able to serve meals for several months. Time and Mother Nature are making for a slow recovery. Power loss from the Easter tornado cost them their stored frozen foods.

“The lights were out for four or five days and everything that was in the freezers went bad. close to $1,000 worth of food and meat” Larry Willis, Vice President of Granny’s Soup Kitchen said.

They rely on a variety of donations to keep them going, which also haven’t been coming in.

“People have wanted to donate but we were closed. so we missed out on a lot with the virus and the storm right behind that” Willis said.

Now they’re turning to the community to help them get back on their feet. Some donations are already coming in, but they’re looking for one type in particular, volunteers, as well as food and personal protective equipment.

“We lost a lot of people because of the storm and the virus, and we don’t know how many of those are coming back” Willis said. “Masks and gloves, water, bottles of water, canned goods, cases of Vienna sausages, tuna, chips, anything like that that we can make them sandwiches.”

They hope to be serving meals within the next 3 to 4 weeks, but that will not include dining inside the actual building.

Like restaurants, they will be serving to-go meals until later in the Summer.

“What we’ll be doing is trying to get out 50 to 60 to-go boxes for kids and adults. We’ll do it out of the front because there’s more space and they can calmly keep on going” Willis said.

They will also be checking the health of volunteers as well. If you would like to donate time, food or PPE, you can contact Willis directly, his number is (318) 805-7474. Monetary donations can be made at origin bank to the Community Soup Kitchen account.

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