Governor John Bel Edwards highlights accomplishments ahead of runoff


The polls will open for early voting in just four days and undoubtedly the biggest race on the ballot is the race for governor of Louisiana.

Incumbent Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards will take on Republican businessman Eddie Rispone.

“It took all of us to put Louisiana back on a path to opportunity and prosperity. It only takes one person putting Washington style politics over the people of Louisiana to reverse everything we have worked so hard together to accomplish. My fellow Louisianians, we are not going back,” Edwards said on election day after securing a spot in the runoff.

Edwards says in order to not move backward, we’ve got to continue to build on progress made during his first term as governor.

“We have the largest economy in the history of the state, to date, and it is growing at the 10th fastest rate in the country. We have the highest personal income in the history of our state, to date, and it’s growing faster than the national average,” he said.

He didn’t stop there, Governor Edwards also touts unemployment being at an 11 year low and the fastest decline of unemployment in the nation over the last year.

“We’re doing so much better than we were four years ago when we had that $2 billion to an actual budget deficit where we had this invested in higher education in the previous eight years, more than any state in the nation. We’re just in a much better place today and the people of Louisiana know it and they don’t want to go back,” said the governor.

Early voting for the November runoffs begins on Saturday.

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