Governor Edwards held a conference updating new Covid cases in the fourth surge


BATON ROUGE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Governor Edwards talked about the alarming new rise of covid-19 cases within specific age groups and also spoke about the benefits of a new covid-19 treatment.  

“There is no right to unreasonably endanger the lives of others. that just doesn’t exist.” Says governor Edwards.”

Governor Edwards says these cases were reported by louisiana schools during the first week of august 9th through the 15th highlighting a new total number of two thousand four- hundred and forty-four Covid 19 cases just among k to 12’s students, and staff. 

“And more cases were reported in the first week of the school year than reported  in the aggregate  of the first 2 months of last year.” Says Edwards. “There is a very significant disease burden in this population, transmission is very high.” He says. 

Governor Edwards says he wants to remind all parents about this health emergency. 

He says this is why the CDC  has made the recommendation for masking in schools for all students and staff in order to minimize the spread of covid 19.

Louisiana state governorThat emergency exists because we have a virus that is highly contagious and deadly. I would just like parents to take a  look at the current situation that we have. I was gonna leave that up to the school districts, but the facts changed.” Says governor Edwards. 

In addition, Governor Edwards also spoke about the regeneron antibodies. 

He pointed out the treatment helps preserve hospital capacity because it can help prevent a patient from having to be hospitalized. 

He says officials are focused on making sure many providers have this treatment available to them to help keep people from getting covid in the first place.  

“We wanna make it more easily accessible to people out there once they test positive and have that symptom.” Says governor Edwards. 

The governor says so far over 170  providers have administered mono-clonal antibodies.  

He also says younger people are getting covid.

The 18 to 29 age group is leading the way. 

The governor also says the mask mandate will stay in place until September first. 

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