Gov. Edwards : “Get vaccinated, put your mask on, keep your distance.” Both indoors and out in crowded areas he recommends.


Monroe, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Due to severe cases on Covid-19, Governor Edwards is recommending all Louisiana residents vaccinated and unvaccinated to wear a mask indoors and in public spaces.

In the press conference Governor Edwards said the Delta variant is a game changer, and eight times more dangerous than Covid-19, now he’s recommending everyone to mask up regardless of their vaccination status.

“And unfortunately, we’re seeing  breakthrough cases, and those breakthrough cases are infectious, and I’m asking because it is so important, for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.” Says Governor Edwards. 

Governor Edwards says wearing a mask will be recommended indoors and outdoors in crowded areas. Since the delta variant is more powerful and transmissible, kids are also in danger of exposure.

“And at this point, it’s not whether we vaccinate or mask, we have to do both.” Says Governor Edwards. 

Brittany Sims is a local resident and she says keeping her family safe is her priority.

“As far as us being outside right now, at the park  we don’t really wear them, but inside I think we should. 

She says being 8 months pregnant makes her take the necessary precautions. 

“I wouldn’t say I should be more concerned since I’m pregnant, because I have two kids to take care of too, so it’s just not about me, but it’s about them as well.” Says Sims. 

Governor Edwards says he will give another covid 19 update sometime next week. 

we’ll keep you updated on the latest Covid-19 guidelines. 

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