Gov. Edwards during unity service honoring church fire victims: “Let’s pray for Holden Matthews”


On Sunday, Governor Edwards spoke at a unity service at Little Zion Baptist Church in Opelousas. 
The service was held for the families of St. Mary, Greater Union, and Mount Pleasant Baptist Churches, which fell victim to arson in the past three weeks.

Aside from the governor, other law enforcement and government officials were in attendance. As well as pastors and members of churches in the surrounding areas. All in support of those affected by what some are calling an attack on God’s house.

“I was delighted to see so many people come from so far. And the generosity of congregations and individuals all across the state of Louisiana to help these churches to rebuild,” said Edwards.

One of the biggest messages during Sunday’s service was forgiveness. Governor Edwards and Pastor Calvin Moore, from Little Zion Baptist Church, urged the congregation to forgive the man who allegedly set the churches ablaze.

“We have to forgive. We cannot hold grudges. The bible teaches us to forgive. Let that go and let us come together,” said Moore.

And Harry Richard, pastor of Greater Union Baptist Church, one of the churches set on fire, says this servicen exemplifies their faith cannot be burned down, “Christ’s body is still alive and well and this is a powerful demonstration of how God’s people can come together and make the burden of tragedy good and we appreciate that.”

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