Good Hope Road will be closed next month due to a new roundabout coming to Arkansas Road


WEST MONROE, LA (08/28/19)–There has been some major progress on the roundabouts coming to Arkansas Road, however residents and commuters will have to use a detour as one intersection is going to be closed. Next month could be the start of a traffic jam as Good Hope Road will be closed.

“They have done everything they can do to keep it going as smooth as possible. Although, I know folks who have to drive it more than I do, probably griping more,” said Richard Day, Works for Ouachita Citizen.

Starting midnight, September 8th, drivers will not be able to get access to Good Hope Road from Arkansas Road. That intersection will be closed due to another roundabout being built.

“I’m anxious to see if it improves traffic, I don’t know much about turnarounds but from what I’ve seen in other towns. Everybody seems to be a little excited about getting it finished though. Hopefully that won’t be too far off,” said Day.

The Department of Transportation and Development has said the detour route will be moving traffic North and South on White Ferry Road, utilizing Wall Williams to Good Hope Road. Though Kiroli Road will be open and could be a faster route, it might be dangerous for kids who are walking to and from school or congested as parents are dropping off and picking up.

“I’m thankful that there hasn’t been any accidents with all the construction and everything going on,” said Day.

Night time construction is expected to only take place the first week. It’s important to keep your eyes open for workers.

“Got to look out for them, they are people. You need to go slow, just like if you were in a pedestrian zone,” said Lila Bolton, West Monroe Resident.

In addition, slow down… And be patient.

“It is slower, but it’s always gonna be that way when you have construction going on,” said Bolton.

Some commuters say the DOTD has done a good job keeping everyone safe.

“I make deliveries all along Arkansas Road every week and so far it hasn’t been too bad,” said Day.

For more information on how to navigate a roundabout, click here.

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