SHREVEPORT, La (KTAL/KMSS) – A mother whose son has developmental issues share how the Arc Caddo-Bossier Goldman School and Child Development Center has improved their quality of life.

The Arc Caddo – Bossier is a lifeline for many individuals and families in the community, and we’re giving them their flowers. The Goldman School & Child Development Center offers childcare to students with disabilities beginning at eight weeks through five years old.

Melinda Acklin was introduced to the Goldman School when she enrolled her son at just three years old.

“I wish there were more schools like Goldman because it just holds a special value compared to other systems in place, “ Acklin said.

Her son Waylon Acklin was born with a rare genetic disease called Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome.

“They originally said that there’s 30-35 people worldwide with this condition, and then Waylon also has his own special mutation, so he’s the only one of his kind, “ Acklin said.

For the Acklin’s, the hardships did not end with his diagnosis. When he was a toddler, he endured a serious injury.

“When he was three years old, he had a traumatic brain injury, and he was in ICU for several months and ended up with the tray, “said Melinda Acklin.

Sometime after Waylon’s release, his mom Melinda enrolled him at the Goldman School, a move they both call a life changer in the best way.

“It really challenged him and gave him the encouragement. They would cheer for him when he met a new milestone, “ Acklin said.

Waylon is now a fourth grader at University Elementary in Shreveport. His best memories at Goldman were hitting the playground. 

“Well, I did like going out to recess. It was really fun. I did like the activities, too, “ Waylon Acklin said.

Waylon is excelling at University Elementary.

His mother says credits Goldman with instilling so much into the students is a big reason that Waylon continues to flourish.

“He’s really just thrived in both environments, and I think that root started here at Goldman, “ Acklin said.

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