Giant Salvinia is overtaking Turkey Creek Lake making it impossible to fish or hunt.


Part of what makes Louisiana the sportsman’s paradise are lakes like Turkey Creek Lake, but residents in Winnsboro are having trouble boating or fishing.

A weed originating from Brazil is infesting Turkey Creek Lake and destroying wildlife.

Giant Salvinia is infesting Turkey Creek Lake in Winnsboro making it impossible to enjoy the water.

Salvinia is an invasive weed that free-floats on water sucking out nutrients for fish and trees.

Kermit Burnside, PhD Pathologist from LSU, says it actually shuts off the nutrients needed for fish. It actually shuts off the nutrients needed for flora and fauna.”

Now, wildlife and fisheries are spraying contact herbicide, but it cannot reach every corner or the salvinia due to trees blocking.

Any exposed salvinia can quickly grow and cover more lake water. One acre can become ten acres in less than a month according to Dr. Burnside.

According to former Wildlife and Fisheries agent, Johnny Farington, he believes if the salvinia is not treated soon then it will be another 2 years before anyone can fish or go duck hunting on the lake.

The solution is just applying herbicide to treat the water. 

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