Frances Tower resident claims management won’t cut on the heat


It’s no secret Frances Tower is almost a century-old, one resident says among many other problems, “The manager at Frances Tower says they’re not going to turn on the heat until thanksgiving,” said resident Kenny Lee.

According to Lee, being older presents its own set of problems.

“We’re on blood thinners and on oxygen. Old people can’t take the cold like they could when they were younger.”

So Lee says others have had to rely on unconventional ways to stay warm.

“They have to turn on the oven to 500 (degrees) and open the door to heat their apartment,” which Lee says is unsafe.

NBC 10/FOX 14 went to talk to Executive Director of Monroe Housing Authority, William Smart, about this issue and he said he wasn’t aware. However, Lee says there are more problems than just this one.

“Right now where the vent for the air condition is there’s black mold around it,” he said.

Smart responds saying they’ve had a case of mold in the past but it wasn’t dangerous.

“They found that there was a household type mold and it wasn’t the mold that was toxic. We’re not perfect, but I will say that we’re here still to serve them. I’m open, my door is always open.”

“If they cut the heat on, we’ll all be happy.”

Smart says in order to get your heat cut on, residents just have to report it and maintenance will cut on the boiler in the individual unit.

This isn’t the first incident of issues at Frances Tower, another resident claims she had bed bugs back in September.

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