MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — For the third time in the last four year, KTVE and KARD hosted our annual Founders Day celebration at the Jackson Street Church of Christ in Monroe.

Seven tons of food is being donated this year for Nexstar Founder’s day aimed at helping homeless veterans. That is the equivalent of a fully grown male African elephant. The largest land animal on earth.

United Way of Northeast Louisiana’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Meaghan jones says that the non-profit organization is working towards financial security for those who served.

“Want to fight for everyone’s economic mobility and stability. So, we want to make sure that vulnerable populations like our homeless veterans have the food that they need the nutrition that they need to help support the needs that they have,” Jones said.

Kristie Hodges is the Director of Homeless Services at the WellSpring in Monroe. One of the largest non-profit organizations in northeast Louisiana is handling all the packed bags of food and distributing them in the near future. 

“This food has been donated to is the Homeless Services program, and we serve a 12-parish region, it lasted us almost a year. We serve somewhere between 120 to 150 veteran families in that time span,” Hodges said.

This is the third year of the event last years got canceled due to the pandemic. Along with the seven tons that have been donated this year in food alone, 23 total tons of food have been donated over the three years of Founders Day.

For pictures from today’s event click here.