MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Forsythe Park will soon have a new Children’s Museum on the block.

City officials announced the demolition of the Forsyth Park pool to make room for the new face of the Northeast Louisiana Children’s Museum. Director at NELA Children’s Museum, Melissa Saye, says they have been waiting for this moment to make it happen.

“It has been a dream since we opened the museum in 1998, so we feel like the timing is just perfect. With the blessing and support of the city and the community, we are just making great strides. I’m really looking forward to the new museum.”

The new location will feature new galleries and exhibits. Saye says they will focus on expanding new educational areas such as adding a little pharmacy, a health care medical area, a doctor’s office, and more.

TJ Bell, a local resident, says bringing a new Children’s Museum to the community is a great investment for the kids.

“I’m really enjoying the fact that we are adding more things for the kids. And before you know it, this becomes a habit for them. So, adding little things like this to the community can go a long way.”

“I really hope it is a good experience if we go or not,” said another young resident.

Residents say this is an experience that they can not wait to join in. Although the project is in its early stages of engineering planning, the estimated total cost of construction is between $8 million and $10 million. Saye says they just got approved for a $175.000 state fund.

“We feel like it is doable. We’ve applied for many grants, local, and statewide federal grants. We’re starting locally because we feel like that’s where we need to start.”

The 10,000 square foot available area will soon be expanded to double its size to better highlight the culture and history of Northeast Louisiana.

Saye says the goal is to complete the project within the next 3 years.