FLOODING: It’s your cue to stay off the road


WEST MONROE, La (07/12/19)– Heavy rain, falling quickly-brings flash flooding. Part of the Arklamiss could see more than 6 inches of rain.
The chance of flooding is your cue to stay off the roads to protect yourself and your vehicles.

When Barry brings heavy rain to the Arklamiss, it’s time to turn off your car, shut your doors, and stay off the roads. The city of Monroe is warning people not to drive in flooded water. Only a couple of inches of water could make you lose control of the vehicle and potentially crash. Or even damage your car in ways you can’t see.

“If you get water in the intake of the vehicle, then it’s going to damage the motor. That cool water is going to hit a real hot block and it’s going to crack that block and damage serious components of the engine,” said Andrew Randall, Parker Tire and Alignment.

And this will be a bill you don’t want to pay.

“It can cost the total cost of the vehicle and then some. We’ve seen a lot of total losses from driving through flood water,” said Randall.

According to the National Weather Service, six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet and a foot of rushing water can float a small car or SUV off the road.

“The ones that are lower to the ground are going to be the ones more accessible to water damage, but if you go through enough water, you can damage any of them,” said Randall.

If you’re thinking you’ll be fine because you drive a big truck, you should still be careful

“And your tires aren’t going to preform properly in two or three inches of water, so even if you have a big truck you still need to ex a lot of caution,” said Randall.

These car mechanics have seen water damage ranging from engines destroyed to interior water damage up to the the dash board.

“There is electronics in the vehicle, there is a lot of modules and computers, they are not designed to get wet.” said Randall

After a big rain storm, this shop sees an average of 12 cars with rain damage.

After the 2016 flood Ouachita Parish deputies say they saw an average of 10 to 12 wrecks in one shift.

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