WEST MONROE, La. (9/12/2019) — Between now and Election Day on October 12, 2019, KTVE NBC 10/KARD FOX 14 is doing “Five Questions for The Candidates”. We talked to over 70 candidates in over 20 local contested races in Northeast Louisiana.

Today, we look at the Lincoln Parish Sheriff race. The candidates are:

  • Randal Hermes (I)
  • George Webb (R)
  • Stephen Williams (No Party)

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We ask each candidate running for sheriff the same five questions:

QUESTION #1: Why are you running for office?

QUESTION #2: What 3 things do you hope to get done during your term should you be elected?

QUESTION #3: If elected, what could you do during your term to make your parish safer?

QUESTION #4: What is the biggest issue that your parish is facing that you would be able to tackle?

QUESTION #5: What else would you like to add that we didn’t ask?