WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)– Every year, First West Thrift Store donates to local ministries. In their most recent year, they donated more than $275,000 to local ministries.

Phillip Thigpen, Director of First West Thrift Store, told us more about their donations. “The community support allows us to be able to invest in local ministry. So when we give to these ministries, it’s not the first time giving is the people that donate shop and volunteer here. So it’s really the community that’s investing back into local ministries. And so we’d like to say “you’re giving through us when you shop here, donate here, volunteer here.”

The Renewal Center is one of 20 recipients of donations The executive director, Billy Varner, told us more about how this benefits them. “First West has been a partner with us from the beginning. They have made several substantial financial donations. That has enabled us to continue with our mission here at the renewal center. Whether it be providing meals, whether it be paying the utilities, whether it be providing space for additional programs. “

Varner also told us about how they plan to use the money they just received. “We’re in the process of doing a fundraiser to build a dining hall and additional office space, and the contributions that they’ve made will help us to meet our goal as far as making that come to fruition.”