ARCADIA, La (KTVE/KARD) — Call me mister is a program that encourages African American males to become educators. The program had its first graduate, Mr. Nicholas Cobb and now he is teaching in the classroom and continuing to mold the minds of young men in the program.

Mr. Nicholas Cobb said “being the first is gonna always be difficult. But the only thing that I can say I’ve used through that process to bring into the classrooms is that one word overcome.”

Cobb is able to help the young men in this program because he is now a graduate assistant with call me mister at Grambling State.

“If I don’t feel like going they tell me hey, we need you. We don’t know how to be an educator. We don’t know how to build the relationships with students, and not only students but professionals who can help advance my career.”

Cobb wants to show the cohorts of Grambling that being a male teacher doesn’t mean you have to teach history or be a coach.

“I’m trying to tell the younger guys, they think that we all are supposed to coach, or teach social studies and have a few things in the class. I say okay, now you’re gonna help me put my class together. I’m gonna show you why. It’s not just for the woman.”