Firefighters in Bastrop raise money to support muscular dystrophy


BASTROP, La (10/04/19) — Every year, firefighters around the country hold a Fill the Boot fundraiser to help families dealing with muscular dystrophy.

The Bastrop Fire Department is excited to work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association again this year to bring the community together and donate.

“It’s something I’ve been involved with ever since I worked here. This is going on my eighth year working. This is the only fundraiser we do every year. It’s just this one. Our union fully puts it on and we partner with MDA for it,” Capt. Chris Langston. Union President of 158, Bastrop Fire Dept.

It’s fill the boot’s 65th year… So it’s only fitting that firefighters across the country have raised $65M this year in the fight against muscular dystrophy.

“To us it’s kind of nice that MDA partnered up with fireman all across the United States. Our union every year kind of really put a lot of effort into this and it’s amazing that the community donates like they do. They really have a lot of respect for our fire department in this community,” said Langston.

Once the fundraiser ends, Captain Langston takes the money to the bank where a check is cut to the muscular dystrophy association.

All proceeds help fund research for new drugs and care centers where families can see a neurologist without having to go to another doctor and get referrals.

The Bastrop Fire Department raised $4,637.42 at today’s Fill the Boot event.

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