MONTICELLO, ARK (KTVE/KARD)– On March 12, 2020, Epiphany Bean received a call that she never expected. That call, explaining she had stage 2-A breast cancer.

“My heart dropped instantly, it is really indescribable, said Epiphany Bean.

Epiphany says she thought she was too young to have breast cancer, but then she found the three lumps herself.

“They tell you not to worry about mammograms until your 35 or 40. How is it that I’m 25 and I have breast cancer? Like, why me?” said Bean.

The things that kept her fighting included her son, family, and God. Her fight finally paid off on October 13th after months of pain and 16 rounds of chemo.

Epiphany says breast cancer wasn’t only physically painful, but also mentally. Being a female with little to no hair was something she struggled with.

“It’s tough having to deal with hair loss that you didn’t have a plan on losing. You’re waiting for your hair to come back and you’re not wanting to go out in public with your hair,” said Bean.

That’s exactly why Rickisha Hicks, a wig designer, donated a wig to a group called “Wigs for Love” where they give wigs to women dealing with medical hair loss. Epiphany received a wig and a photoshoot to celebrate.

“She got me feeling like I don’t even know how to describe,” said Bean.

While she’s not cancer-free yet, she’ll continue to “Fight Like a Girl”. She’s just happy to be alive and see the support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month through football teams, social media, and those who wear pink.

“You’re finally happy to be done with these treatments that make you feel horrible and then it’s like “I shouldn’t be here in the first place”, said Bean.

Epiphany says October is the perfect month for every female to get checked for breast cancer as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Whether you do a self-check or get a mammogram, it could be life-saving.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, “Forty percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump, so establishing a regular breast self-exam is very important.” They encourage women of all ages to do a self-check once a month. You can self-check three easy ways:

  1. In the shower, check the entire breast and armpit area by pressing down, feeling for any lumps or hardened knots.
  2. In the mirror, look for any changes in the contour, any swelling, dimpling of the skin, or change in nipple.
  3. When lying down, the breast tissue spreads out evenly along the chest wall. Place a pillow under your right shoulder and your right arm behind your head. Using your left hand, move the pads of your fingers around your right breast gently covering the entire breast area and armpit. Check for lumps and discharge.

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