FERRIDAY, La. KTVE/KARD) – Ferriday residents who just endured weeks of a boil water notice say they are shocked by a sudden increase in their water bills.

Casey Calhoun says his bill went up almost triple the amount. He says his water bill used to be in the $50.00 range. He says this month was the highest he’s ever had to pay.

“Between $50 to $80, depending on what we are doing because we have a hot tub. Sometimes I fill it up, and it does fluctuate. But, now in December, I’ve received a bill that is three times what it has been.”

Calhoun says he asked the water company to fix the water meter when he noticed it wasn’t wired.

“Until this day, they say they can see what our meter says, but I can’t see it. The residents of Ferriday can’t see their meters because they are not even wired. There is nothing on that meter. So, I don’t know how they are giving us an estimate of what our water is.”

But Calhoun is not the only resident paying a high water bill, he says other residents have their water bills gone up to four times higher. He says he wants answers.

“They say they don’t have a leak that they looked into, that there’s nothing they can do. That we have a problem so pretty much left it at that. Our water crew can come out and check these meters. Replace the meters, so residents can read them.”

KTVE reached out to the Ferriday Water Company, and they said all bills are based on water usage. They say their water rate hasn’t changed since 2017.