Farmerville, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Khloe Gorman was diagnosed with HCM at 8 years old, a heart failure that makes it hard to pump blood. 

Gorman is on a list  waiting for a call to get a heart transplant. The goal for the fundraiser is to help cover medical expenses and constant trips to the hospital in New Orleans. 

The family hopes the fundraiser will help cover a reliable vehicle for transportation . 

“The community has been super helpful with everything we’re going through. Actually, the pharmacy we use has done a few fundraisers for us the last few months and has completely funded our trips to New Orleans.” Says Gorman.

“And helped out with everything. But you know, after a few weeks, things get rough again.” Says Gorman. 

Anyone looking to support khloe, you can visit her Facebook website as ‘Prayers for Khloe Madison’.