TALLULAH, La. (KTVE/KTVE) — Pamela Williams Oliver was last seen Friday, 7th, she told her kids she was going to the store and she hasn’t been seen since.

“They [are] a wreck, they’ve been crying nonstop,” said Oliver’s sister Rose Williams.

The mother of three was known to keep to herself but was in a relationship that she was planning to leave. When the Williams sister heard Oliver’s boyfriend was shot on Saturday, they knew something was up.

“I called him on Facebook and asked him what was going on and he said he had got shot and that pam was missing. How you know she missing? You could have just said you haven’t heard from her, said Latrice Williams.

So what did they do, they hit the streets, handing out fliers, and scouring everywhere they could think of. That’s when they made the alarming discovery, her car, parked right off of Causey Street.

“I knew something was wrong because why would her car be parked way in Buckley on an abandoned road in the woods, purse in there, ID, and the clothes she had on from the last time they’ve seen her.”

Rose Williams, Sister

The Williams’ sisters believe Oliver’s boyfriend know’s where their sister is.

Also, there’s other friends that she reached out to and told that he said if she leaves and goes back to her husband that he would kill her,” said L. Williams.

Louisiana State Police are investigating, but the family believes the initial investigation wasn’t thorough after finding a cell phone, amongst other things in Oliver’s car.

“If yall did a search on the car, I go in the car and find a cell phone and y’all claim y’all did a whole search,” said R. Williams.

However, one things for sure, they don’t plan to give up, until their sister comes home.

“Pam, if you see this video, just know we’re searching for you, we looking for you and we will never stop looking until we find you.”

Rose Williams, Sister

“I don’t know how I’m feeling, all I know is I want my sister and I hope she’s not hurt.”

Latrice Williams, Sister

At this time, State Police are investigating this case as a missing person’s case with the help of the Madison Parish Sheriff’s office.