“Families Helping Families” asking community for help to rebuild after Sunday’s tornado


MONROE, LA (04/14/20) “When you walk into it and looks like a bomb went off it’s very unsettling and this is your home away from home” Stacey Guidry, Executive Director of Families Helping Families NELA.

One of the many structures hit by Sunday’s tornado was Families Helping Families, a non-profit that helps families of children with disabilities. While the building is still standing, there was quite a bit of damage.

“It blew out most of the windows in the building, it sucked out a lot of our ceiling tile. We’ve lost some tin on the outside of the building, some of the sheet metal. Looks like our phone lines are all destroyed” she said.

Multiple items lost in the building are covered under insurance, but the building itself is not.

“It was sort of a donated building that had to stay in the name of the original owner” she said.

Due to COVID-19, they were already working from home, so the tornado will not interrupt current operations.

Some of the damage has been cleaned up here at Families Helping Families and they’re turning to the community to help them get back on their feet. And they’re not just asking for monetary donations.

So far they have received some donations in the form of manpower and plywood, but they are in need of more.

“If somebody has contacts with the glass company that could help with some donated windows, We lost a lot of insulation that goes up in the ceiling, so we’re going to have to have that replaced. We’re looking at all of the ceiling tiles and the trusses that hold the tiles in place were ripped out of the ceiling. Somebody that can come out and repair the sheet metal on the building. We need somebody to come in and inspect our roof. we just haven’t been able to get up there” she said.

If you would like to donate, you can click on this link that will take you to their donation page on Facebook. You can also call their office number at (318) 361- 0487.

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