(KTVE/KARD) According to the Associated Press, the latest update into the death of Ronald Greene involves the F.B.I looking into his autopsy. It’s an unusual step that will consider evidence not provided after his 2019 death.

“It’s very rare to see an investigative agency like the D.O.J. taking a look at an autopsy two and half years later” says the Greene Family Attorney Lee Merritt

The re-examined autopsy is part of a federal civil rights investigation that has taken on new urgency in the seven weeks since the associated press obtained and published the video of Greene’s arrest.

The investigation will also now consider the body camera video released of Louisiana State Troopers stunning, punching and dragging him during his arrest.

We were able to speak with the attorney of the case, and we asked him what this autopsy will mean for the investigation.

“See what information was left out, what information that was provided was inaccurate, what things still need additional testing, whether or not there are residue tests, whether or not what was reflected in that autopsy. If they had the benefit of the narrative, whether not the conclusions would have been the same” Merritt said.

With hopes that this autopsy will shed more light into what exactly happened, and help determine if his most severe injuries were caused by trooper’s actions or by the crash that followed the chase.

“The significance in them looking at this autopsy in new is that they’re not only looking for what happened to Ronald Greene, that’s becoming more and more clear from other evidence. They’re looking at who was responsible for obscuring what happened to green and why” Merritt said.

Now prosecutors also met with his family, and they plan to present this case to the Grand Jury sometime by the end of the summer.