FROGMORE, La (KTVE/KARD) — The weather in the past months has really taken a toll on the crops at some Louisiana farms. Frogmore Farms is one of many that has lost harvest due to weather conditions. 

John Branton, the managing partner and operator for Frogmore Farms, said, “As soon as the heat broke, we ended up getting a rain, which we thought was a blessing, but turned out to be 22 days of rain in August, and we got 12 inches at the end of the crop cycle. So what happened was that the crops simply rotted.””

Branton said cotton and soybeans were the most affected. “In 22 days of rain that just hammered on the crops, we were having sprouts in the veins; the seed pods themselves were sprouting. So the cotton, the lint, and the seed were exposed to the elements. So, during all of that rain, both the moisture from the ground and the moisture from the rain “boll locked and rotted that bottom crop.” 

Branton also said that inflation caused the expenses to go up. “With everything this year, farming is probably, I would venture to say, the most expensive crop that any farmer in the history of farming has put in to their field this year, and we’re losing it all to the weather.”