Explaining La Nina: What it means for winter weather in the ArkLaMiss


(KTVE/KARD) You’ve probably heard the terms El Niño and la Nina. They’re very important to the weather community, as they can determine what kinds of weather we see during our seasons. This winter, were seeing a La Nina year, so what exactly does that mean for our w inter weather here in the ArkLaMiss?”

La Nina means that waters in the eastern pacific are below average, which typically means warmer and drier weather through our winter months. But this is not set in stone.

“We had the combination of the moisture coming in up from the Gulf and the cold air coming in from the north which just kind of made the perfect set up for some snowfall here in the ArkLaMiss” says Charlie Woodrum, warning coordination meteorologist, National Weather Service office in Shreveport

This is due to two other large scale players well to our north.

“You had the Artic Oscillation and the North Atlantic Oscillation” Woodrum says.

They were able to drive enough cold air from Canada down to our region. So does this mean we can count on more winter weather in the coming months?

“The climate prediction center is forecasting that we’re going to be more into that La Nina pattern, what they’re expecting normally is that we would see temperatures again above normal and precipitation, the rainfall and snowfall, drier than normal. However, we can’t rule out that there could be another anomalous snowfall event, kind of one of these unusual snowfall event in this global pattern that could occur here into the month of February.”

Looking into the spring, La Nina can even have an impact on how much severe weather we see here in the ArkLaMiss. While this type of pattern does point to more active severe weather, this year, it’s still too early to tell whether or not that will materialize.

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