MONROE, LA (03/26/20)– Non-essential businesses closed their doors Monday night, but what have the past few days been like for essential workers and their business.

Even though some essential businesses might not seem necessary, they are serving a higher purpose.

“We have a lot of commercial contractors who have not stopped working in the construction industry because they are an essential business and we are taking care of them,” said Cody Cooper, Vice President at ACME Glass and Mirror.

In addition to their commercial business, the need for glass is just as important for local residents. While everyone is quarantining in their homes, accidents can happen.

“We’re doing as much as we can to limit the threat of contagion, but of course glass breaks and it has to be replaced. We are trying to do it as safely as possible,” said Cooper.

ACME Glass and Mirror says all their workers are wearing gloves, mask, and sanitizing the cars… trying to keep both their customers and employees safe.

Glass is always breaking, whether it’s your car windshield or a house window, and ACME Glass and Mirror is making sure it’s essential workers are always here for the community even in this COVID-19 pandemic.

As for other local essential businesses, they are taking extra precautions as they work in people’s homes.

“We always respect people’s homes when we go in, like wearing booties to cover our shoes, but now we have equipped our guys with gloves, and mask, and hand sanitizer,” said Randall Gilley, Gilley’s Heating and Cooling.

Officials say they want to protect themselves and the customers during uncertain times like these. However, their goal is to make sure you don’t have any unnecessary worries while quarantining with your family.

“We want people to be able to quarantine in comfort and be in the safety of their own homes, feel like they are breathing clean air, that their air conditioner and heating system won’t break, and that they can still be comfortable while we are in this time of crisis,” said Gilley.

Both essential businesses say they are thankful to the community for its support and encourage customers to utilize them during this difficult time.