The Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office just conducted a drug sweep. Two arrests were made. A variety of drugs were taken off the street.

The EPSO Crime Patrol Unit found a half pound of meth, a half pound of marijuana, heroin, Xanex, and hydrocodone after they searched a car and a hotel room on Tuesday. Robert Lee, 40, of Turkey Creek, faces a list of drug charges.

“There’s a lot of dope out on these streets,” said Captain Josh Lafleur. “A lot of lives are being ruined. We made a promise to the parish that we were going to clean up, and that’s what we’re doing.”

Also on Tuesday, deputies executed a search warrant at a home on East Jefferson St. in Ville Platt They found more than 11 pounds of synthetic marijuana, heroin, meth, fentanyl, other pills, and $12,000 in cash. Jeremy Morein, 34, of Ville Platte, is charged with possession and intent to distribute.

“Once we hit an area, and hit it hard, it slows down for about a month. Then you have new players who come in and want to develop their own territory. It’s a revolving door right now,” said Lafleur.

The population of Evangeline Parish is relatively low, but the supply and the demand for drugs is suprisingly high.

“It’s not like working vs. non-working, rich vs. poor. We’re catching people 60, 70 years old smoking meth, heroin, fentanyl. The demographic is wide. It does not discriminate,” said Lafleur.

These drugs have a street value of $45,000. The alleged dealers conducted business within a mile of one another Sheriff Charles Guillory says the Crime Patrol Unit, which is only made up of two men and one K-9, is working around the clock to crack down on drug trafficking.

“My narcotics people, criminal patrol, are doing an excellent job. I can’t do it without them, and the community. That’s where we get our tips from,” said Guillory.

Sheriff Guillory says he hopes a one-cent sales tax in Evangeline Parish will generate millions of dollars for the sheriff’s budget, and beef up patrols to make more drug arrests. The vote will be held April 24th.