BUSINESS: Epic Piping brings work to Lake Providence


LAKE PROVIDENCE, La. (01/22/2020)– For Kelvin Jackson, welding was a passion he turned into a career. Unfortunately for quite some time, it was also what kept him away from the place he calls home.

“I was driving an hour away every day to come home and go to work,” Jackson said.

Now that Epic Piping has a new facility in Lake Providence, Kelvin can use the extra time he once spent on the road with his family at home.

“With the kids if anything comes up, I’m here so if anything happens and I’m off well I’m right here,” Jackson said.

Kelvin is one of 20 new employees at the epic pipe facility who have taken the opportunity to do what they love, without having to leave anything behind.

“It’s a good opportunity for this area because we don’t have this kind of work in this area,” Jackson said. “Plus it’s my hometown, so I don’t have to travel outside a certain radius to find good work that pays decent money.”

Through their partnership, epic pipe has been able to reach students at delta community college to prepare them for their future with the company. Management says they expect to double the number of employees by the end of 2020.

“We have had a very good response to people that want to go to work,” Remi Bonnecaze, Epic Piping CEO, said. “We have not had to advertise and we have had more that 300 applicants that have come in.”

While locals get to stay home, Epic Piping is also bringing new faces to the area, including the general manager, Chad Duhon, and his family.

“From the sheriff’s department to goodness all of the above, everyone has been extremely welcoming and extremely helpful as far as us getting on our feet in this area.” Duhon said.

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