Entergy Warning Customers of Scammers

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“They requested me to give them a credit card to correct any balances I had,” says David Hearn, Catfish Cabin Owner.

Hearn says he got this phone call just last week and realized it was a scam.

“After years of dealing with Entergy on a business level, I knew that, that was not the way Entergy would do it,” explains Hearn.

Hearn did not fall victim to this scam, but Entergy is warning all customers to be weary of this scheme using their name.

“This particular schema involves con artist calling the customer and threatening to shut off their electricity unless the customer makes a payment over the phone,” says Roderick Worthy, with Entergy. 
Then scammers try to direct the customers to send payments electronically through third party card or transfer systems.

Entergy wants to remind their customers that they will not call and demand payment a certain way.

“While we do offer that option, it is just that an option. The customer would always initiate to do that, and that’s always done through our vendor called BillMatrix,” explains Worthy.

Hearn suggests that you keep good record of payments so that if there is a question, you have the proof you’ve paid.

“If you can prove that you’ve made that payment, you know that’s they key. Is you know, keep better records that you have made the payment,” says Hearn.

The power company stresses that if you are called by one of these scammers, call your local Entergy office to double check your statements.

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