WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Entergy is urging customers to help conserve power supply after experiencing unusually high usage during the bitter cold temperatures.

If you are an Entergy customer, you probably got a text message on Friday, December 23rd asking you to lower your thermostat and turn off all non-essential lights to avoid any periodic outages.

Brandi Hinkle with Entergy Arkansas says it is important to help reduce any strain on the electricity system during these weather events.

“You have to be careful about running all your major appliances at once. Everybody is going to have their heat on. We don’t want to overload any circuits in any neighborhoods.”

So how can you practice safe energy conservation and keep some extra cash in your pocket?

Seal up any air leaks in your doors and windows.

Open blinds to let in warmth from the sun and close them at night to reduce heat loss.

Wash clothes in cold water, and take quick showers.

Also, set your thermostat to 68 degrees during winter months. Each degree above 68 can increase your energy bill by about 3%.

“Warm your hearts as well as your hearts this time of year and remember that we will get through this extreme weather together,” said Rob Roedel with Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas.