Louisiana Public Service Commissioner gives update on restoring power in Northeast Louisiana


UPDATE: (8:00)– Entergy has been working to restore power in Northeast Louisiana and officials tell us only 50% of customers remain without it! In a press conference earlier today, Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell says he’s requested workers from all over the country to help restore power to residents. However, he says we can’t expect it to be done overnight. Campbell says they are aware that thousands of people still remain without power, but they are working on it. Hospitals, nursing homes, and water systems are top priority to get power restored first, but Entergy says they won’t stop until every customer is out of the dark.

“Just remember this is the worst storm we have ever had in the history of Louisiana. We aren’t making excuses for it, we are doubling up on our work efforts. You can call us and we will do everything we can to facilitate back to normality,” said Commissioner Foster Campbell.

Entergy officials ask customers to be understanding and patient because they are working hard. Some residents can expect power to be out until about Wednesday.

OUACHITA PARISH, LA (KTVE/KARD)– As hurricane laura made its way through Ouachita Parish, she left many communities in the dark. Entergy says Hurricane Laura was the strongest storm system to move through Northeast Louisiana, causing major structural damage to the electric grid.

“We lost power yesterday morning around 8 a.m. and I think the majority of this street has been out since then,” said Auldon Winn, Lakeshore Subdivision resident.

According to Entergy, Ouachita is the second-largest parish in the state of Louisiana impacted by power outages. The latest numbers, more than 53, 000 customers left in the dark. Residents say they’re doing their best to adapt.

“We weren’t able to do anything after that. So we had gone out and bought food and everything, necessary items, that we needed inside the house. I feel like we should have heard something by now. Whether they’re trying to get over here or about what time they are going to be over here,” said Eugene Thompson, Town and Country Resident.

“Certain areas have power, I don’t know why it is so bad on us all the time. On the north, it don’t be bad, but on the south, it’s always rough,” said Hill Sol, South Monroe resident.

While some residents say the impact hasn’t been major, a heat advisory was issued Friday. Those impacts could get worse as the week goes on.

“Last night wasn’t too bad, but definitely tomorrow night with the chances of the heat. It hasn’t been too much of an inconvenience yet,” said Winn.

“I got two freezers and a refrigerator, all the food is ruined now. I got a couch outside, we sitting on a couch at night because it be too hot inside. Other than that, everything alright,” said Sol.

Entergy says it will be several days before all the power is restored. They have to complete assessments of everything that was damaged before anything can be restored. These assessments are almost done. However, customers can’t expect these damages to be fixed overnight, there are multiple steps that go into repairing the power lines.

“I mean it could be a lot worse you know. The guys at Entergy are going to get us right but it takes time so we just got to be patient and let them do what they do,” said Winn.

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