El Dorado’s ‘MAD on Ice’ returns on Nov. 20th for its 3rd season


EL DORADO, La.( KTVE/KARD) – The Murphy Arts District has announced its 3rd annual ‘Mad on Ice’ coming on November 20th, and over the next four weeks, MAD will set up a winter wonderland experience just before the holidays.

The ‘Mad on Ice’ will be back in town in no time, and MAD’s director and CEO Pam Griffin, says there will be more than just ice atop the outdoor amphitheater stage. 

“We’ll have lighting, we’ll have music, we’ll have a screen that drops down on the back side on the stage, and we’ll have some videos playing.” Says Griffin.

‘MAD on Ice’ will be accessible for people of all ages including two types of skating ‘helpers’ for both adults and children to enjoy. 

“We have skating aids, which are these seals and reindeers, Bobby the Seal, and Tommy the Reindeer, and we rent those for an additional $5, and you can skate behind them and and push them along and it’s a super great way being able to experience ice skating if you’re new to the activity.” Says Griffin. 

The Murphy Arts District will host events both outdoors and indoors on November the 20th.  Although masks won’t be mandatory, Griffin says it will be strongly suggested. 

Skate rentals will cost $3 and it’s free for members every afternoon from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. 

tickets will also be available for purchase at the MAD site and on their website at www.eldomad.com

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