El Dorado forms committee to address food truck complaints


El DORADO (KTVE/KARD)– A committee has been formed to address complaints and concerns about food trucks. The city ordinance that regulates peddlers, solicitors and transient merchants convened on Monday November 29th at city hall in El Dorado.

I spoke with El Dorado city councilman Andre Rucks. He shared his thoughts on the city ordinance and how the two parties, the brick and mortar stores and the food trucks can come to an agreement.

It’s a complex situation you know we got the brick and mortar businesses their speaking about the food truck businesses are not paying their fair share of taxes as far as occupation license, sales tax license, and posting up on sidewalks and things of that sort. So we are trying to get a really good ordinance to address this. I think the city charges 500$ a month, as a councilman I think 500$ is a little bit to much. We definitely need to address that and give them locations where they can set up. El dorado is open for business and we don’t want to deter any food business, any business that is wanting to come to El Dorado, but we also want to make sure there is a win-win for all”, said councilman Rucks.

Councilman Rucks said the city is in favor of having food trucks in El Dorado because it brings business to the community but an agreement between the brick and mortar stores and the food trucks has yet to be reached.

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