Effects from chlorine shortage are being felt on local pool shops across ArkLaMiss


MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD) It’s the latest shortage to sweep the nation, chlorine tablets for pools. and it’s coming at one of the worst times of year, summertime.

“Never seen such a shortage before. It’s definitely unprecedented for this year, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen” says Michael Dickerson, Manager of Azure Pools & Spas in Monroe.

They currently have a large stock of the limited tablets. They say they heard about the shortage back in February, and were able to stock up, but this is all they have for the foreseeable future. The main reason behind the shortage comes from the lake Charles Biolab explosion from Hurricane Laura.

“They made upwards of 40-50% of the countries chlorine tablet supply” Dickerson says.

However, granular chlorine is not in short supply, and there are ways to make it last longer.

“You can use borates, we just brought in a lot of Pro Team Supreme Plus, which is a borate base that helps make the water softer, help reduce your chlorine usage, help keep all your chemicals in balance. You can also increase the amount of stabilizers you use in the water to help keep the sun from deteriorating the chlorine” Dickerson says.

If chlorine runs out, pool owners will still be able to keep their pools clean. But alternative cleaners come with a higher price tag and more frequent upkeep overall.

And if you’re wondering about public pools being affected; they use chlorine from different sources, so these pools should remain open.

Dickerson also says this shortage is likely to last through the entire summer, so pool owners are likely going to have to switch to alternatives to keep their pools clean.

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