EAST CARROLL PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The new Legal Help Booth may look like a regular phone booth, but this new free high-tech office on the block is designed to help individuals with all the different types of legal issues.

“Like finding an attorney, and, or legal aid in the area. Also, to help them take sets of different resources and services to help resolve their legal issues,” said library director, Krishanda Sanders.

Sanders says these resources are crucial for the community in East Carroll Parish.

“Our area is considered like a desert, so, that means, not so much is available here. So, this resource is extremely important to the people in this community because legal services is hard to find.

The booth features a phone, a computer, a printer, a guide book, and it is soundproof. And, there is always an assistant to walk you through the process.

“We are in need of an outside legal counseling other than what we have available here. But, it’s fantastic, said Henry James Turner, a resident.

The legal help booth, funded by different private agencies, including the Louisiana State Bar Association, total budget was $100.000 . The initiative is available for all residents from all parishes.

“That is great. If they can go through with it, it would be really appreciated,” said Carolyn Crumb, another resident.

Sanders says once you get access into the portal and select the legal issue you need help with, you will have access to an attorney who will answer all your questions.

“Everything is set up in a portal. They go in and select their issue, and it guides them into different steps.”