WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Over the last couple of days Double K Estates community has been experiencing a large amount of flooding here in the area. I spoke with a local resident who says this is not the first time they are experiencing this issue and that it is getting out of control.

The Louisiana rain is keeping northeast Louisiana calm for the moment but some parishes have faced an extreme amount of flooding causing inconvenience for residents here at Double K Estates. A local resident who declined to be on camera says, “every time it rains it floods badly right here, and it’s harder for my kids because then you have to worry about their clothes and she was getting soaking wet. Then they get sick from getting in and out of the water. She adds being scared to drive her car through the water with the chances of totaling her vehicle.”

Michael Thompson who serves on the Ouachita Parish police jury for District D. Explained due to the property not having a pump station leads to large amounts of flooding. “This particular land that we’re on it’s owned by a private development which we don’t have much control over our private development when it comes down to the water there’s no pump station here there is minimum drainage that is at this area. Our parish engineers, our parish of public works, we are all going to get together to help mitigate this issue, says Thompson.”

Police Juror Michael Thompson says even though this is a private development area they’re doing everything they can within the pairs to help with the issue of the flooding.