DOWNSVILLE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – A Union Parish family’s home suffered severe damages when several trees fell through their roof nearly killing that family. They describe the event as a fearful moment.  

“We’re alive, and God is good even with the damage. He protected us and we got through it.  and all this can be replaced.” Says homeowner, Kathy Rugg.

It was a moment of terror for the Rugg family in Downsville when the severe weather caused

 three trees to hit their roof in the middle of the night one by one. Kathy says the first tree hit their bathroom that was connected to their bedroom.

“We were in the bed and I jumped straight up and said let’s run to the basement. But of course my husband had his c-pop. so he couldn’t get up very fast.” Says Rugg. 

Then, she says they tried to get to the basement but it was too dark. Rugg says they lost power and she had to run back upstairs to get a flashlight. 

“Then I turned the light on and turned around and I thought, oh my God, we have no bathroom, it’s gone.” Says Rugg. 

And then a second tree hit. 

“It hit our living room downstairs. And then the third one hit. A tree fell on the utility room at the carport, and we just ran downstairs and by then it was over.” Says Rugg. 

It took them a matter of minutes to make it out of the house just in time. Family members and members of the community rushed in to help. They helped clean up and even brought some snacks. 

Now, a tree service company and Homeland Security have stepped in to work on the damage. Rugg says an insurance claim is in process. 

She says all she can think of right now is how blessed they feel to be alive. 

“God is in control, he watched over us, he got us through. And all of this can be replaced.” Rugg added.

The family says they’ll be staying at their son’s house until they wait for their home to be repaired.