MONROE, LA. (06/24/2021)– According to DOTD, the on-ramps at Calypso Street and Layton Avenue have a history of crashes, that’s why they are proposing to remove the ramps. Locals agree it would be a good idea.

“Those on-ramps are just a recipe for disaster,” Bobby Nola, Owner of NOLA Automobile Service, said. “There’s no lane to merge onto the oncoming traffic, there are a bunch of accidents you don’t need it. We just need to close them down.”

The removal of the ramps would not interfere with traffic. There are nearby ramps that drivers can access safely in the same are to get onto I-20.

The main purpose is to re-route traffic to those ramps that allow greater acceleration lengths for vehicles to get onto the interstate.

Locals said they already avoid using those on-ramps, so closing them off would be a safer route for everyone.

“There’s a lot of car crashes going on in the area, you know I think it’s too many yield signs right there and I think it’ll be a good idea. It will limit the crashes, so yeah, I think it’ll be a good idea,” Nakedra Pridgett, a Monroe resident, said.

Remember this removal proposal is only for the on-ramps, not the off-ramps for Calypso and Layton.

Before the DOTD makes any official decision, they are asking you, the people who use these ramps on a daily basis, to give your input. You can contact the department by emailing or calling 1-877-452-3683.

A presentation explaining the purpose and need for the project is available online. To view the presentation click here.