Department of Transportation and Development travels Louisiana to talk everything from budgets to local issues


MONROE, LA (02/18/20) The Department of Transportation and Development officials are hitting the road to get a better idea of some of the states infrastructure.

It’s a series of public hearings, conducted by the joint transportation, highways and public works committee. They will be traveling throughout the state listening to a wide range of infrastructure issues, with today’s focus on the ArkLaMiss.

The officials listened to local officials, business owners and the general public to hear about everything from potholes, to how roads effect business logistics to even the state of our ports.

It gives them the opportunity to hear about issues that may have fallen through the cracks.

“Those are some things that you don’t hear when you’re in the state capital. There’s some issues and concerns that people don’t actually talk about, they feel more comfortable in their home town. And they can speak to those issues and bring materials that will allow us to address those concerns” says State Representative Vincent Pierre, Chair of the House Transportation Committee.

This is an annual program with their next stop in Shreveport.

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