WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)–Delta Veterans is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources to vets. On Saturday, November 12th, they held their veterans’ expo and celebration.

Lyla Corkern, co-founder of Delta Veterans, told us more about their organization. Delta Veterans is a nonprofit that was formed in order to connect veterans and their families with the resources they need to be successful in life, whether they’re still in the service or not. “So education, legal assistance, occupational housing, health care, anything they might need—and it’s also a chance for resources to connect to each other so they can maximize their effort to serve veterans and their families.”

Corkern also gave insight on the event. “The Delta Veterans Expo in Celebration” was founded with the idea that we want to do more than just celebrate our veterans who are veterans day; we want to be able to actually offer them tangible support. “So we want to create an expo where family and friends and kids and everybody can come and celebrate veterans for Veterans Day, but also so that they can walk through all of these resources and all of these vendors so that they can have access to the resources they need for their lives.”

Finally, Corkern told us why it’s important that events like this one take place. “It’s really important for events like this because there are so many times that people don’t even know what resources are available.” I’ve encountered so many veterans personally and professionally that they don’t know what’s available to them, what’s available to their families, or where to go for help. “And so I think this is a great opportunity for us to actually be able to create that in one place and create this one-stop shop for everything they might need.”