CONCORDIA PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The First Delta Bike Trail Commission held its first meeting at the Vidalia Courthouse on Tuesday, September 27th, to discuss the future of the 130 mile-long Delta Bike Trail that will run through Concordia, East Carroll, Tensas and Madison Parishes.

“Everyone knows, when it comes to bike trails, you are going to attract people from all over the nation. This is a billion dollar industry,” said state representative, Travis Johnson.

The trail will be built along the Mississippi River Front. The 130 mile-long trail will be broken into small projects starting with the first 15 mile-long trail.

Officials say the project won’t only be impactful for cycling tourism, but also it is expected to make both an economic and health impact.

“When folks come, they stay three days to a week, and they spend money at your local businesses, and they tour historical sites,” said Johnson.

Jennifer Rouillard is a visitor from Massachusetts, and she says this project would most definitely bring more outside visitors.

“I believe that everything that brings a healthy lifestyle and to do it in such a comfortable way with no cars around. You can run, you can bike and you can walk. now that I know that’s something in the making I would come back in a heartbeat.”

The construction of the eight and a half mile of the first 15 mile-long trail is currently under construction at a total cost of $900,000 funded by DOTD.

Officials say the 130 mile-long Delta Bike Trail is expected to be completed within 5 to 8 years.