DELHI, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Delhi Police Department has received a grant to purchase newer radios for their officers.

Police radios are vital to communicating daily among officers, but especially when it comes to responding to emergencies, a challenge, Delhi chief of police, Roy Williams, says that will no longer be the case.

“It’s going to impact us quite a bit because we will be compatible with all other agencies within our parish. They are getting new radios also, and it’s going to help us out a lot so we can be compatible with their radio system.”

Williams says some of those outdated radios date back to 1998. The updated radio system is possible with a $10,000 grant donated by AC Technology. 

“I just got five new ones, and TransCanada also gave me a grant for those. So, they are actually giving me another grant to purchase three more radios. So, every officer within my department will have a new radio.”

Now all the new portable radios will be more efficient and compatible with the previously updated computer program.

“We had so many radios and dispatchers that would get to this radio, and to this radio to be able to talk to an agency. But now, it’s all computer-generated. All they have to do is press on the mouse and press the transmit button and talk to different agencies, so it’s so much better.”

Williams says the department will apply for more grants to continue improving its equipment to keep Delhi residents safe.

“We try to make our town as safe as possible.”